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3 Products - One Life.

Smart. Innovative. Revolutionary.


Delivered immediately: The Positivity Journal: Kids Edition (Paperback) - suitable for kids, teens and young adults.

The Power Cards complete with The Positivity Pack Workbook will be delivered when they are complete.

You will also receive a bonus download of Pure Confidence (Ebook) - for ages 11+.


The downloadable app will be coming to you soon after on this site to tap into a world of self-help online at the tips of your fingers.

More about the pack…


You will learn how to unlock your full potential and kick-start a journey to a life of greater happiness, purpose and meaning.

As you work your way through the workbook you are encouraged to reflect in your own creative way, particularly when completing the tasks.


‘The Positivity Pack Workbook’ is fully interactive with lots of space for the you to record and reflect on your emotions, intentions and energy; guiding you through your pathway towards emotional freedom. Filled with inspiring tips and exercises that will guide you towards mindfully building confidence, healing, loving yourself, building resilience, working through your emotions - all to help you achieve long-term happiness and a fulfilling life.


‘The Power Cards’ are fun and interactive. They creatively match in pairs for you to take action on your thoughts, feelings and emotions - clearing your own pathway to boost morale, and guide you further on your journey of self-discovery. They are an ideal tool to turn to when you feel in need of a lift, or if you’re facing a challenging issue that is making you doubt yourself and your ability to achieve what you want to.


‘The Power Cards’ invite you to look within and uncover the self-belief you need in order to bring you a step closer to living a life of confidence, joy and acceptance - all in all helping you identify and work through areas where you may be experiencing blocks or difficulty.


The cards are rich in content – choose from exercises, daily boosting affirmations, visualisations and inspiring thoughts to help enhance the quality of your thinking and feeling, and in turn, enable you to be receptive to change, and accept all that’s good about you and your life.


‘The Positivity Pack’ will enlighten, inspire and bring joy to your life.


‘The Positivity Pack’ also includes a downloadable app, which gives you access to podcasts, daily boosts, and an array of supportive and motivational digital material – ideal for when you are on the go.


"You are the author of your life’s story. You have the power to create whatever life you want."


- Amy Elizabeth


This is the real deal!

The Positivity Pack: Kids And Teens

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