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Journaling is a beautiful and powerful facilitator of self-discovery - even for young children. Not only will they have more clarity about their emotions in life, but they will find that they are more able to make small and large decisions along the way.


The pages of their journal will be bold and creative of course and will be their building blocks for the future world they are creating for themselves. 


"You are the author of your life's story. You have the power to create whatever life you want." 


The Positivity Journal: Kids Edition is an interactive journal with lots of space for your beautiful children to record and reflect on their emotions, intentions and energy. It is designed to help them think about their current confidence level, set goals to help increase it and be more positive and confident in every area of their life. 


Filled with inspiring tips and exercises that will help guide them towards mindfully building confidence, in turn helping them acheive long-term happiness and a fulfilling life. 


The Positivity Journal will help your children come away with a deeper understanding of themself, with a rasied self-awareness which they can use going forwards on a journey to a more confident and happy them!! Yippee!  

The Positivity Journal: Kids Edition (Paperback)

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