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Watch Crystals Work Their Magic

In crystal healing we place gemstones on the body to draw out any negative energy, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body. The crystals work to remove blocked energy and clear and engerise the chakras (the energy centres in our bodies).

If you believe in healing crystals then your mood may just improve...

"I feel much more positive. Maybe it is because in my mind I am focusing on the positivity the bracelet is said to bring into my life. Either way 'Playful Minds'

is working for me." Sian, aged 20

Listed here are my fave crystals that I believe can help you lead a happier life:

- Amethyst - known as the all purpose stone (great for meditation)

- Rose Quartz - referred to as the love stone (soothing and calming)

- Dalmation Jasper - unique in appearance (positivity driven)

- Black Tourmaline - great for grounding your energy

- Red Jasper - working in line with your base chakra

- Blue Lace Agate - all agate stones work your strength

- Quartz - cleansing and purifying

"Amy, thank you for my second Genius Health bracelet, they have helped my swelling and aching from my arthritis." Jill,

Please leave your comments on your fave crystals and why. I would love to hear from you.

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