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3 'go to' ways for confidence from my 7 presented in 'Pure Confidence'...

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

LESSON 1 Stand or Sit in a Posture of Confidence

I love this lesson because it makes me feel empowered.

An individual’s posture does not just reflect levels of confidence or insecurity. It also sends messages to the brain that informs you exactly how you feel. That being said, if you need to feel confident, you want your posture to send your brain that message.

Stretch your limbs as far as they will go and make your body as big as you can as soon as you wake up.

Throughout the day, make sure you stand tall, sit up straight, and have a smile on your face. It makes a big difference!

LESSON 2 Practise Presence

I love this lesson because it makes me feel connected.

Similar to the concept of mindfulness, proven to be very beneficial for your physical and psychological well-being. You can practice mindfulness anytime, anywhere. You can give it a try right now by following these steps:

Become aware of your awareness; that is, begin to observe yourself and your surroundings

Start with your body sensations, feeling your feet and legs, your stomach and chest, your arms, neck and head.

Now notice your breath, flowing in and out, and the many sensations that you are experiencing

Let your eyes notice what is in your visual field, your ears, what they are hearing. Perhaps sensations of smell and taste will come to your awareness as well.

• Then, go beyond these simple sensations to feel the energy, the quiet, or the noises that surround you. Feel your presence.

LESSON 3 Build Your Capacity for Energy

I love this lesson because it makes me feel perform better. It also makes me feel like an excited child again, as it helps release nerves, replacing them with excitement.

I love speaking to an audience, but I also get a little nervous as each experience is different. So I keep focused on the excitement of the event. In turn, this brings me boosted energy that is needed for any kind of public speaking I do.

Nerves can be useful to keep us on our toes and give us the extra energy needed to perform. Try to re-frame your nervous jitters as excitement! Knowing how to engage with these feelings in your body will expand your presence rather than shrinking it down.

For more lessons see my book 'Pure Confidence


“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life.”

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