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Mind, Body, Soul (As One)

Have you ever wondered how people stay on top of their overall mind, body and soul health? Does it seem like a HUGE task?

Not so! But, firstly we must be aware that they are all connected and to work on just one just isn't going to cut it! It's like going to the gym (getting physically fit) but then in our mind telling ourselves we aren't going to lose any weight! Because, guess what we won't (we are / become what we think). So you see how that just doesn't work. The mind isn't in sync with the body!

Here at From The Heart Hub, we help bring your life to a cohesive whole so we are constantly sharing and leading you along a connected pathway (mind, body and soul). Phew!

Let me bring your attention to this interesting concept where we must understand this connection more deeply:

They say we have 3 brains; our brain, our gut and our heart.

Interesting point. And they are constantly communicating with one another too! This is why it's so incredibly important to see all of ourselves as one! Mind health, physical body (including gut health) and soul (including heart connection) are one! Yups! So, what does this mean for us? Well it means we need to be focusing on all 3 areas not just working on one.

Let me explain a little more...

So here we have an example of a mind, body, soul flow:

Daily affirmations (healthy eating affirmations) - MIND

Physical exercise (daily) - BODY

Chakra unblocking / energising (where the lower chakras have a lot to do with personal power and self-discipline) - SOUL

Without one of the above you are missing a piece of the puzzle. For example, clearing your mind can help with self-motivation so you encourage yourself to go for that extra run. Energising your chakras can help you stick to that detox plan and be super self-disciplined with what you consume. You see how they overlap and link together?

One without the other and you're missing the bigger health picture!

I have complied a great ebook with mind, body and soul in my thoughts throughout. Understanding how all three link and can work in harmony with one another is most certainly key to optimum health and well-being.

You can grab it here...


The full version is also available on Amazon HERE

Any questions feel free to join me on my FREE health and well-being webinars - just follow this link here...

Happy healthy life all :)

AE x

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